Da Tribe

This page is dedicated to all the musicians who have contributed to the
Modoc journey !!!

 Dan Kashola
 Mark Middleton
 George McWilliams
 C.J. Grubb
 Gordon Tees
 Mike Watkins
 Max Jones
 Charlie Parker
 Ben Brosch
 Greg Nicozisi
 Jon Sebella
 Jim Newikie
Lead Vocals
 Fred Wilkerson
 Ron Ezell
 Earl Musgrove
Dixie Darlin's      ( Background singers )
Jeannie Lee
Robin Wilkerson
Cher St. Germain

    Sound Man ( Mixer Board)
          Benny Brosch
 " Smokin "  Joe Beels  *** Joe passed away in Oct. 2008  ***
A special thanks to Rusty Burns for sharing the stage and his Christian leadership. Also we would like to say thanks to the late Jakson Spires for his inspiration and legacy. We will not forget !!!!